A Special Extra

A Special Extra
May 2014

A Million Ways to Die in the West, due to be released May 30, written by, directed by, and starring Seth MacFarlane. Other stars include Charlize Theron, Amanda Seyfried, Liam Neeson, Seth MacFarlane, Neil Patrick Harris, Sarah Silverman and . . .

Mac appears as an extra horse-back rider in “A Million Ways to Die in the West”.

Mac Ryder!

If you’ve never met Mac, who occasionally can be found visiting Facebook’s old west pages, he is extra nice. He’s extra kind-hearted (even if he won’t admit it). He’s extra friendly. And he’s also a movie extra! You might see him if you look close (and fast): he is one of the horse-back-riding cowboy types in the background, a role he has played in about 47 movies since 1994.

In the photo at the top of this page, Mac is guarding the railroad in “The Lone Ranger.” But Mac’s movie career got started with the movie “Buffalo Girls” back in 1994. “They put myself and four other cowboys way out in the background, where you could never tell it was us,” Mac says. “But after lunch we were in a saloon. Music playing, girls all around. Melanie Griffith, a little hot blonde back in the day, come down the stairs and took my hat off and run her fingers through my hair.”

That was Mac’s epiphany. “I knew I was long for the movie business,” he says of that moment, laughing.

Mac was in the sheriff's posse in the movie "Blood and Spurs"

Mac was in the sheriff’s posse in a trailer for an upcoming movie, “Blood and Spurs”

He doesn’t work in the movies full time, only when a little piece of Hollywood relocates to the nearby Bonanza Creek Movie Ranch in New Mexico. His “day job” is owning and operating Mac’s Overnight Stables outside of Santa Fe, where he boards and trains horses and gives riding lessons. Mac is a real wrangler.

He recently began helping out with Mustang Camp , a local rescue group whose motto is “Horse gentling by rational methods.” Their mission is to “minimize captive horse suffering” and promote modern training methods. One of the ways they do this is to partner with people like Mac.

He’s boarding a mustang that is in training for 100 days. At the end of the 100 days, the 10 horses in the program are entered into a contest to see who did the best job of training. “I don’t do the training,” Mac says. “But I do help.” The prize for the rescue group is ten well-trained horses that will more likely find permanent homes and a successful adoption.

Mac Ryder's Overnight Stables in New Mexico

Mac Ryder’s Overnight Stables in New Mexico

Mac grew up on a ranch, has been around horses his whole life. When he’s not performing or working he likes being out in the mountains, helping to round up cattle. “I like riding through the canyons and trees on a good horse, wearing my bat-wing chaps. With a rope on my saddle and a rifle in my saber,” he says. “It will be hours before we get back to camp. We view the skies watching for the big birds. knowing something is dead—maybe from a poacher. The sun moves across the sky and darkness starts to set. It’s good to smell the smoke of a camp fire. Another day gone and more to come at sun rise.”

Mac in the 21st century

Mac in the 21st century

And when Mac is finished working on a movie, his old west attire goes back to wardrobe. “I don’t do reenactments,” Mac says. “It’s not my style.”

He doesn’t have to. He’s the real deal.

Enjoy a VIDEO put together by Mac’s friends Santa Fe Cats



  1. Abigail · · Reply

    Mac Ryder is a special Men , He’s got a heart of gold and Loves working with the movie People, I’m very Happy to no him to me he’s Cowboy.


    1. Hi Abigail,
      Thanks for visiting my blog. Yes, Mac is a real sweetheart. I’m glad you enjoyed reading about him. I hope you visit here again!


  2. Sharlene · · Reply

    Mac is a real “horseman” enjoyed reading this


    1. Hi Sharlene,
      I’m glad you enjoyed the post. Yes, Mac is a life-long horseman! It was fun to write about him. Hope you’ll come back for future blogs. Thanks!


  3. I board my two mares with Mac. LOVE that he is such a genuine example of what some may say our “older” generations exemplify. He loves the horses, and every horse on his place is in perfect weight and super happy. As are mine… since coming there.they are healthier and happier than in years. I value Mac’s knowledge and intuitive caretaking beyond that of any fancy boarding stables.


    1. Thanks, Leta! I know Mac will appreciate your kind words.


  4. Mac Ryder · · Reply

    Thanks to Patricia Cox .Patricia sees thing way before it happen.She is a AUTHOR.and a good one.Her heart n mind opens to the West and thing that have happened in the past.She brings out sadness and happiness and the true words of how it really was.I adore her talent and her friendship Once again I thank her for her kindness, grace in all in one word her friendship. keep up the good work n thanks again for the great story.Mac Ryder.Part of the growing South West .Which will never be for gotten. Thanks to Ms. Cox


    1. Thank you, Mac! You are making me blush!


  5. Trudy Rath · · Reply

    I have known Mac most of my life he truly is a lovely person. You captured the heart of the man he is blessed to have friends who share his passion. Thank you for this wonderful article.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m glad you found the post about Mac, and especially glad that you feel I “captured the heart.” A much appreciated comment! Please enjoy the other posts as well, when you have a chance!


  6. Susie Spicer · · Reply

    I never even knew there was a ‘Mac Ryder’ until recently when my friend moved her horses to his place! It doesn’t take a stranger long to realize that he is good & true, kind, thoughtful and very genuine. With dozens of his movie pics to play with, I created a short video, a collage, and posted it just yesterday. Mac followed up with this wonderful blog from you written almost a year ago — how great to get more ‘back story’ on this neat guy — The Real Deal!


    1. Thanks, Susie! I enjoyed your video – very well done!


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