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TURQUOISE B&W 72 dpi Spider Rock - Trish - Canyon De Chelly 2010 November 061_edited-2

Patricia Grady Cox at Canyon de Chelly; Photo by Susy Whiting

Sometimes people may feel they were
Born in the wrong place.
Another place calls to them.
It’s up to them to go there.
To live where they resonate
With the landscape.
For some, it’s the mountains.
For some, it’s the ocean.
For me it’s the desert.
Sometimes people may feel they were
Born in the wrong time.
Another century calls to them.
You can’t go back.
But you can write about it.

Patricia Grady Cox lives in Phoenix, Arizona, where she enjoys the support of a wonderful community of writer friends. Her first novel CHASM CREEK – A Novel of the West is available on Amazon as paperback or for your Kindle, or you can purchase a signed copy from Patricia at her webpage: www.patriciagradycox.com


  1. P.L. DiGiorgio · · Reply

    Finished Chasm Creek in two days; didn’t want to put it down. Loved the characters and enjoyed the details of the territory; I felt as if I were there experiencing each situation. Highly recommend Chasm Creek; looking forward to Patricia’s next novel.


    1. Thank you! I’m glad you enjoyed it and I hope it’s not a long wait for the second!


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