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More 19th Century Medicine

Patricia Grady Cox August 10, 2016 I can’t seem to stop reading this book! “The National Farmer’s and Housekeeper’s Cyclopaedia” contains too much useful information, especially if one is writing a novel set in this time period. This 1888 portal into the past offers not only the “science” but also the culture and attitudes of […]


Patricia Grady Cox August 3, 2016   I haven’t posted in a while due to a couple of relatively minor and totally fixable (now fixed) medical issues that kept me from typing. Instead, I worked on research for my current novel-in-progress and discovered I have a book entitled “The National Farmer’s and Housekeeper’s Cyclopaedia.” This book […]

A Few 19th Century Medical Treatments

By Patricia Grady Cox September 9, 2015 Sometimes horrible things befall our characters. They get shot, penetrated by arrows, bitten by rattlesnakes, catch horrible diseases, and develop addictions. At least these are a just a few of the tragedies that have befallen my characters! They really should be more careful. When these situations crop up, […]