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Making Research Fun

I strive to make my settings real, to pull a reader into a time long gone. Research is necessary to achieve historical authenticity, but that doesn’t have to mean hours in a dusty reference room, digging white-gloved hands into accession folders. Research can be fun! Yes, I did my time in libraries and university collections, […]

A Visit to a Victorian Dress Shop

A VISIT TO A VICTORIAN DRESS SHOP April 2014 If you’ve ever had the eerie feeling that you just found yourself in a place you’d been to before, maybe in a different time, maybe in a different life, I know the person to talk to. Diana Okeson is the proprietor of the Victorian Dress Shop […]

A Different Kind of Home

A DIFFERENT KIND OF HOME AUTHENTIC LODGINGS ON THE PLAINS March 2014 This month’s topic isn’t so much about living in the past as it is about making sure the past is accurately represented. When I started joining various groups online, I stumbled across a group devoted to constructing tipis, the traditional home/lodge of the […]